Finn AI and Coconut strike up partnership

Source: Finn AI

Finn AI, the world’s leading AI-powered conversational banking technology provider, today announces that it has partnered with Coconut Software to enable banks to use AI to schedule interactions with their customers.

“A fall off point for banks--that do not have a fully digital journey--is getting the consumer to interact with a banker, either in person or on the phone, after they have demonstrated an interest in a product online,” said Jake Tyler, CEO of Finn AI. “By integrating with Coconut Software, we’re bridging that gap and making it easier for banks to interact with and convert online prospects.”

Despite growing demand for personalized digital experiences, of all financial customers who head to their institution’s website or app for service, 35% of them will wind up visiting a branch to complete their journey. By providing a way for banks and credit unions to establish personal interactions online — and importantly, to maintain them even when it’s necessary to move the conversation offline — organizations are able to exceed customer expectations.

The partnership will provide bank customers with the ability to engage and schedule a meeting with their financial service provider using a multi-turn conversational model that is API-integrated with the Coconut Software platform. For example, a customer could chat with a virtual advisor to gain personalized mortgage advice, receive pre-approval, and book a meeting to complete the process, all while following a simple, natural conversation.

The integration also demonstrates the value that AI can bring to products, such as Coconut Software’s, by enabling them to expand their feature-set to include AI. By applying conversational AI to the Coconut Software real-time scheduling solution, Coconut can offer banks around the world the ability to enhance their communication with customers using AI.

“At Coconut, our goal is to provide banks and credit unions with methods to engage and manage customers on a personal level, no matter their channel of preference,” said Katherine Regnier, CEO of Coconut Software. “With this partnership, financial institutions are able to deliver additional convenience and tailored advice that seamlessly bridges the physical-digital divide, providing huge benefits to customer acquisition and retention.”

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