Wirecard partners SES-imagotag on in-store mobile payments

Source: Wirecard

Wirecard, the global innovation leader for digital financial technology, and SES-imagotag, a global leader in digital solutions for physical retail, are joining forces to accelerate the adoption of frictionless in-store mobile payment. As a result, both companies offer a unique solution designed to enhance the in-store shopping experience.

The two companies are developing a “pay to tag” solution connecting Wirecard’s mobile payment platform with all SES-imagotag cloud-connected IoT labels. Shoppers benefit from truly seamless in-store shopping, avoiding long checkout times, especially at peak hours, as well as e-coupons instant redemption and cash-back. Thus, shoppers save both time and money in physical retail while enabling brands to improve their Point of Purchase marketing efficiency.

Together, Wirecard and SES-imagotag, who have been partners since spring 2018, expect that over 500 million cloud-connected smart labels will be turned into mobile payment acceptance points. In particular, the U.S. retail sector will benefit from the joint in-store solution for mobile shopping.

Michael Unmüßig, Senior Executive Vice President Marketing at SES-imagotag, said, “Smart labels and smartphones will be the future Point of Sale. Together with Wirecard we aim at creating a win-win-win deal by making every SES-imagotag smart label a mobile payment and e-coupons terminal that enables frictionless shopping. Shoppers will save time and money, brands will improve the efficiency of Point of Purchase communication, and retailers will be able to upgrade their business model while dramatically enhancing the shopper experience. This vision is now very clear, and the building blocks of this “connected commerce cloud” are now at hand!”

Alexander Hahn, Vice President Point of Sale (POS) Retail Solutions at Wirecard, added, “We are delighted that consumers will be able to benefit from this new technology from now on, especially in the U.S. Instead of the traditional customer journey, which sometimes involves long waiting times, shoppers can now expect a fast, seamless and digital shopping experience in participating stores.”

Through a simple scan of an electronic shelf label (ESL) with their smartphones (QR Code / NFC), shoppers will also have access to more information, customer reviews, rich content, and other marketing and loyalty programs, directly at the shelf, with dramatically increased conversion rates. Thanks to Wirecard’s technology, they can then complete the purchase on their phones using their preferred payment method. This ESL-enabled in-store mobile payment solution is already live in several stores around the world.

Since its inception, SES-imagotag has equipped over 20,000 stores in 62 countries for a total of 200 million ESLs, including as many as over 50 million cloud-connected smart labels. Through its VUSION Retail IoT Cloud platform, SES-imagotag enables retailers to automate low value-added processes, increase store efficiency and improve shoppers’ connectivity in store.  

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