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United Bank of India moves into voice commerce with FSS

Source: FSS

United Bank of India (UBI) Head Quarters (Kolkata): FSS (Financial Software and Systems), a global payments technology company, has launched for United Bank of India, FSS Voice Commerce in partnership with Amazon, a real-time voice banking platform that offers customers personalized banking interactions.

The solution supports an extensive set of Retail banking transactions, enabling seamless 24/7 secure access to a broad range of financial and non-financial banking services. The launch took place at the headquarters of the bank located in Kolkata.

FSS Voice Commerce uses machine-learning techniques for analysis and synthesis of language and speech to deliver personalized banking experiences. Furthermore, with machine-learning capabilities embedded into the solution, consumer patterns will begin to emerge and result in insight-led banking and personalized customer experiences. At the backend, FSS Voice Commerce interfaces with multiple banking systems to provide real-time information of accounts, balances along with transactional capabilities, thereby enabling delivery of a unified and seamless omni-channel banking experience.

FSS Voice Commerce for UBI allows users to do the below listed transactions at present -
• Account Balance Enquiry
• Forgot voice pin and Reset voice Pin
• Information on last transaction
• Service requests like Issuing a cheque book

Services in the likes of funds transfer is in the pipeline and should be enabled very soon for the UBI customers.

How FSS Voice Commerce helps Banks and their customers -
● Customer Support: Instead of customers reaching out to support centers of the banks to raise the services request, the customer can just invoke the Bank’s Alexa skill and raise the service request which will be directly registered in Bank’s service desk.

● Drive Sales: Based on the recommendation engine and by transaction analysis, banks can craft a personalized offer to customers. E.g. special interest rates for fixed deposits, eligibility for personal loans etc.

● Lead Generation: Generate customer interest towards respective banking products/offers/cash backs through an advertisement.

All transactions initiated via FSS Voice Commerce are completely secure and it supports out-of-band multi-factor authentication including one-time passcodes, to maintain the integrity of the transaction ecosystem and prevent fraud.

Speaking on the launch, Shri Ajit Kumar Das, Executive Director, United Bank of India said, “Voice-based banking services will give customers a relatively new way of banking that we want our customers to experience. It will also help us understand better the customer behavior in adapting to new banking gadgets in future.”

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