PumaPay takes cryptocurrency payment system on tour

Source: PumaPay

PumaPay, a streamlined cryptocurrency Payment Solution and suite of products, has announced the official release of its Payment Solution which will be debuted during a Pan-Asian road tour beginning with a closed VIP dinner in Singapore on September 11th.

Other stops include Hanoi, Vietnam on September 14, Seoul, Korea on September 16 and Tokyo, Japan on September 17.

PumaPay’s disruptive payment solution combines the flexibility and ease-of-use of payment cards with the advantages of blockchain technology. The company has already secured strategic partnerships with leading companies such as Wix.com, FashionTV, Ubex, Pornhub, and more.

The Asia tour will provide an opportunity for investors, potential partners, and community members to meet the PumaPay team, including CEO Yoav Dror, who will be discussing blockchain payment trends in each respective region and announcing breaking news.

CEO Yoav Dror explains, “We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our Payment Solution. After nearly two years of development, we are ready to launch it and grow the network of businesses that can now adopt cryptocurrency payments seamlessly. Our Asia road tour will highlight some of its important features and what the future has in store for PumaPay.”

As the first company to introduce fully decentralized subscription payments on the blockchain, PumaPay offers the flexibility and ease of use of credit cards with the advantages of blockchain. PumaPay’s PullPayment Protocol inverses the mechanics of the transaction and allows merchants to “pull” funds from customers wallets based on pre approved terms.

This allows the creation of billing mechanisms that are very common people’s daily lives but were not possible on the blockchain previously. These include things such as recurring payments, top-up, direct debit and many more. This flexibility will allow any business to define their billing models while adapting to the business’s business-logic, rather than the other way around.

PumaPay’s Asia tour will be co-hosted by OKEx and contain both educational and informative elements from one of the world’s top innovators of blockchain payments.

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