ABN Amro taps Tink for Grip multi-banking

Source: Tink

Open banking platform Tink and ABN Amro have  worked together to bring multi-banking to the bank’s standalone app Grip.

The service is built  with the new PSD2 APIs – making the app one of the first players in the Netherlands to utilise  open banking technology.    

The integration makes it possible for Grip users to see their account information from five other  banks in the app – and for Grip to deliver more valuable and relevant insights to their users.  Besides making Grip more relevant and comprehensive this also opens up a bigger market. By  exposing other banks in Grip, Grip is also able to serve non-ABN AMRO customers for the first  time.     

Roland Booijen, Digital Strategy & Innovation Director, ABN AMRO NV, said: ​“We know  t​hat today’s customers demand more from their financial services than previous generations, and it’s an insight we always bring with us when developing Grip. The app currently has around 700 000 users and receives high ratings from its users. The new open banking landscape enables more users in having a better and complete experience. ”   

Daniel Kjellén, CEO and co-founder, Tink, said: ​“We’ve been working with Grip since 2015  and have always been impressed by ABN AMRO’s early adaptation of new technology to  deliver better financial services. We both share the belief that open banking will be a massive  opportunity for banks to deliver better ways of managing your finances – and the launch of  multi-banking in Grip is one of the results of this.    

Grip users can currently view their accounts from Rabobank, ICS, SNS, Bunq and ABN AMRO. More Dutch banks will be added soon.    

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