Morgan Stanley IQ offers investors insights into the environmental impact of their holdings

Source: Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) today announced the launch of a new sustainable investing analytics and reporting application, Morgan Stanley Impact Quotient™ (Morgan Stanley IQ), designed to assist clients in further integrating social and environmental objectives into their investments.

By providing customized insights into current investment holdings, this new tool allows clients to consider a third dimension in their investment portfolios: sustainability and impact goals.

Morgan Stanley IQ is designed to put the client’s sustainability preferences at the center of the analysis in order to deliver highly personalized portfolio reporting. Further, by working with Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors and Institutional Consultants, clients can explore new investment opportunities that could help better align their portfolios with their individual sustainability preferences, while continuing to pursue their financial objectives.

“Morgan Stanley remains at the forefront of sustainable investing, offering innovative opportunities for our clients that further integrate sustainability into investment decisions”, said Tom Nides, Vice Chairman of Morgan Stanley. “Morgan Stanley Impact Quotient is a differentiated approach to sustainability analytics and reporting, and will be a powerful tool for our clients.”

Morgan Stanley IQ provides clients with a comprehensive framework to identify and prioritize over 100 social and environmental impact preferences. It then harnesses the insights of multiple third-party data sources and proprietary Morgan Stanley analytics to instantly assess the alignment of investments with those preferences. The platform then equips Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors with suggestions for investment solutions that may better align clients’ portfolios over time with the impact preferences that matter most to them.

“Sustainable investing broadly, including our Investing with Impact Platform, is a key focus for us,” said Lisa Shalett, Chief Investment Officer, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. “Increasingly, our clients and Financial Advisors are looking for data-driven insights to inform their investment decisions. Morgan Stanley Impact Quotient will be an important part of this effort given the customized analytics that allow clients to better understand what they own and to measure how well their current and future investment selections align with their own personal or institutional values.”

Audrey Choi, Chief Sustainability Officer added, “Morgan Stanley Impact Quotient is the latest achievement stemming from our Global Sustainable Finance group’s decade-plus commitment to sustainable investing innovation. The core components of Morgan Stanley IQ have created a very strong, client-centric foundation to provide highly customized reporting, as well as the functionality to empower Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors to potentially suggest alternative investment opportunities that might better align with clients’ unique sustainability preferences.”

Morgan Stanley Impact Quotient can analyze and report alignment with and exposure to clients’ unique sustainability and impact preferences, as well as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), at the portfolio, investment strategy and security levels.

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