Aiera to offer Gridspace speech technology

Source: Aiera

Gridspace and Aiera are today announcing they have joined forces to offer Gridspace’s speech technology through Aiera for reliable, quick, and clear synthesis of earnings calls, streamed company events, conferences, and much more.

The partnership brings real-time spoken audio analysis and event monitoring to Aiera’s automated research platform, which helps investors manage document ingestion and discovery and tie unstructured and structured data sets to explainable prediction.

“Investment professionals want a fast and clear understanding of market-moving audio events, particularly during busy earnings seasons,” says Evan Macmillan, CEO of Gridspace. “Aiera is the first automation platform to offer this speech capability in a visualized form, with summarization and analysis, without any delay”

“We are pleased to see real-time events and earnings call transcription and analysis roll out across Aiera,” says Miki Edelman, Head of Strategic Client Solutions, Cash Equities, Macquarie Group. “This gives our teams using the service an important new research capability.”

Gridspace is the market leader in capturing, understanding and handling conversational speech *in* real-time, processing billions of audio minutes for contact centers, trading desks, broadcasters and data scientists, and today, through Aiera, Gridspace is available to research analysts through an easy-to-use web and mobile application interface.

“Gridspace has been an important part of our growth and equities mission since the very beginning,” says Ken Sena, CEO of Aiera. We are fortunate to be able to now formalize this collaboration for our clients’ benefit.” Aiera covers several thousand equities with more sectors and geographies added weekly.

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