Precise Biometrics trims losses

Source: Precise Biometrics

Year-end report for January - December 2005.

  • The Group's sales for the financial year totaled SEK 45.1 million (30.0) and for the fourth quarter SEK 8.8 million (7.4).
  • The bottom line for the financial year totaled SEK -35,9 million (-39.7) and for the fourth quarter SEK -13,4 million (-14,3).
  • Losses per share for the financial year amounted to -0.55 SEK (-0.72) and for the fourth quarter SEK -0.18 (-0.24).
  • Liquid capital at the close of the financial year was SEK 59.2 million (44.8).

Fourth quarter

  • Precise Biometrics has now acquired the remaining 6 % of shares of Loqware Sweden AB. The payment was made in newly 71,250 allotted shares in Precise Biometrics.
  • The Company received an initial order worth SEK 4 million from Athena Smartcard Solutions for an ID card project at one of Israel's largest banks. The order consists of Precise Biometrics fingerprint readers and licenses for Precise Match-on-Card. Delivery begun during December 2005.

Events occurring since the end of the financial year

The company has entered into a joint venture in China together with Smart Unicorn Group. Through technology transfer and joint development work, the companies intend to integrate the biometrics and encryption technology of Precise Biometrics with synchronized mobile solutions, developed by Smart Unicorn Solutions, a business unit of Smart Unicorn Group. Precise Biometrics will own 30 % in Smart Unicorn Solutions.Download the document now 535.5 kb (Adobe Acrobat Document)

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