TAP Solutions enhances market and reference data system

Source: TAP Solutions

TAP Solutions (TAP) has released the TAPMaster On Demand web service, an add-on module to the TAPMaster market and reference data management platform that quickly connects people and applications to the unique securities data they need to do their jobs.

TAPMaster On Demand provides that critical link between the single and standardized TAPMaster data repository and any system or application running in the enterprise, regardless of platform.

"With TAPMaster, all the client's vendor data is always available in a single, standard, and open environment, but their proprietary or non-standard systems and software may not allow access," says Steve Pentin, TAP's Product Manager. "TAPMaster On Demand removes that barrier and connects once incompatible applications for direct and real-time data queries to TAPMaster."

Users can retrieve up-to-date pricing, corporate actions, terms and conditions, and cross-asset descriptive data without the assistance of database developers or other specialized staff. Queries go through the web service and provide 'read only' data so administrators need not worry about database security or impact on database performance.

"The speed of On Demand is measured in milliseconds. For analysts marking portfolios of hundreds of securities data is available in seconds," adds Mr. Pentin. "And for developers building new applications, data is returned through a universal XML structure that has a consistent definition and single access point to all data elements in the database."

TAPMaster On Demand is available now within the TAPMaster suite, along with the TAPMaster Editor and TAPMaster Consolidator modules and 18 feed managers for all the major data vendors. TAP expects further product announcements in early 2006, including new feed managers and Publisher, a real-time data event detector and message distribution module.

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