Commerce Bank adds First Research industry data to CRM system

Source: First Research

First Research Inc., the leading industry intelligence company, announced today that Commerce Bank has successfully integrated its Industry Intelligence Tools into the bank's internal CRM system.

First Research developed custom web services to facilitate an easy and seamless integration into the bank's existing workflow, creating one internal resource where bankers can view specific customer information combined with critical information about that customer's industry.

"CRM systems have historically been very internally focused. First Research has helped us become much more externally focused, giving us a more complete view of our clients, their business and their banking needs," explained Andrew Kaplan, executive vice president, Commerce Bank. "The web services integration simply helps us bring the pieces of the puzzle together."

First Research performs the "heavy lifting" of industry research by synthesizing hundreds of sources into an easy to digest format a user can consume very quickly to better understand a prospect's or client's business issues. First Research updates each Industry Profile quarterly and pushes out Email Alerts to ensure content is both timely and top of mind.

The bank already relied on its CRM system to capture and access valuable client information including contact information, details about the account and more. It made perfect sense to make information about a customer's industry available from the same source. Commerce can now compile all of the information into one detailed report, providing them with everything they need to know about each account. Industry intelligence in concert with client specific information transformed Commerce Bank's CRM system into a robust sales readiness tool.

"Commerce Bank is at the cutting edge of client-centric banking and we are proud to have played a role in that," said Bobby Martin, First Research president and co-founder. "Banking customers shouldn't have to educate their banks. Instead, other banks should follow Commerce Bank's lead in accepting that responsibility and using industry intelligence to build and maintain customer relationships."

By developing the web services application, or software components based on a standardized XML-based messaging system, First Research now offers clients more control over how and where their employees access industry intelligence. Clients can choose to include complete First Research Industry Profiles in their CRM system, or they can choose to offer pieces of information such as individual chapters, quarterly updates or information about business challenges.

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