Turkey's BKM goes live with blockchain-based digital certificate platform

Source: BKM

BKM transfers certificates to blockchain-based environment through belgem.io, a distributed application developed with Microsoft and VeriPark.

Blockchain is now integrated into our lives via belgem.io. Launched by BKM, Microsoft and VeriPark, belgem.io offers businesses a chance to embrace blockchain technology. belgem.io is a digital platform designed to store, view and share digital certificates on a private Ethereum blockchain. belgem.io utilizes smart contracts, Proof-of-Authority consensus algorithm and autonomous governance panel. The solution includes mechanisms to authenticate users and certificate issuing organizations. This environment friendly platform provides an everlasting unique link as a proof for each certificate.

In the early stages of the project, participants of the courses delivered by BKM's training platform (BayBayNakit Akademi), Blockchain Turkey Platform (BCTR), FinTech Istanbul and soon Microsoft Cloud Society, will get their certificates through the belgem.io. In later phases, more users will benefit from this application as the number of added institutions and certificate types to the application increases.

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