VeriTran makes move on US market

Source: VeriTran

VeriTran, a company transforming digital banking through its Low-Code Platform, today announced its official business expansion into the U.S with the opening of its Miami, Florida and New York offices.

Currently operating in Latin America, VeriTran seeks to extend its platform, giving financial organizations across the globe the opportunity to build digital applications that they currently do not have the capability to create with today’s standard technology offerings.

VeriTran enables the financial services industry to integrate emerging technology into legacy systems, safely and securely improving deployment times and delivery costs. VeriTran’s platform is currently used by more than 50 banks, reaching 14 million users who safely run more than 10 billion transactions annually, making VeriTran a global leader in digital banking and payments solutions.

“After leading the financial industry’s digital transformation for over a decade in Latin America, we’re excited to expand our capabilities into new markets in order to accelerate the development of products and services that will make life easier for our clients’ end users,” said VeriTran Founder and CEO Marcelo González.

VeriTran’s omnichannel Low-Code Platform speeds up and simplifies application development, blending functionalities, devices and new usage habits. Through the agile building of business applications for digital channels, VeriTran is enabling organizations to drive more innovation and improve their customer experience, operational efficiency and agility.

“The opportunities for digital transformation are countless but success requires the right tools, resources and strategies, which we think we’re uniquely positioned to provide to our clients,” adds Omar Arab, Vice President, Corporate Business Development at VeriTran. “We look forward to entering the United States in order to grow our footprint in digital banking and payments.” 

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