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Moonfare exceeds €100 million assets under management mark

Source: Moonfare

Moonfare, the fintech scale-up that allows individual investors to invest in private equity funds, has exceeded €100 million assets under management (AuM) with surging demand from individual investors and multi-family offices.

The Berlin-based company provides qualified investors technology enabled access to top-tier private equity funds at lower minimums and fees than previously possible.

“This is a significant milestone for Moonfare,” said co-founder Alexander Argyros. “We have a sophisticated and rapidly growing client base of several hundred professionals from across Europe and the Middle East. Our clients are entrepreneurs, managing directors, partners and C-suite executives coming from large financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and other professional services companies. This demographic is proof to us that there is significant untapped demand for access to the previously exclusive asset class of private equity. We are only at the beginning of our journey.”

One billion AuM expected for 2021
Moonfare expects assets under management to continue an exponential rise throughout 2019 and into the 2020 with an expected €1bn AuMs by 2021.

“We proved the business model to be successful by bringing seven private equity funds to the market over the past year,” adds Head of Sales Douglas A. Trafelet. “In the coming quarters we will make available to our customers a wider range of private strategies including growth funds, venture capital and other asset classes traditionally unavailable to individual investors.”

Investing with Moonfare starts with as little as €100,000 in funds that typically have multi-million dollar minimums. Coupled with a lowered barrier to entry, Moonfare also provides a secure, fully digital end-to-end investment process where interested and qualified individuals can register, confirm their identification, view fund documents, make allocation requests and sign investment documents in fewer than 15 minutes.

Moonfare raised a total of €25m in Series A financing in April to fuel growth and international expansion.

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