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Binji launches consolidated card app

Source: Binji

Today, Binji, a new company disrupting the FinTech category, launched the most complete personal finance solution to pay and get paid in today's digital world.

With a modern design and sleek user interface, the Binji digital display debit Mastercard works in tandem with the Binji App via smartphone Bluetooth connection. It's the only platform offering the ability to consolidate up to 24 credit and debit cards into a single card to use as funding sources for your Binji Account and enables you to engage in peer-to-peer payments with instant access to funds.

"We saw an opportunity to improve people's lives by streamlining their finances through the convenience of offering app-based banking, card consolidation, and peer-to-peer payments on one platform," said Ryan Marquis, CEO, and Binji Co-Founder. "We're offering consumers something that, until today, didn't exist: With just a push of a button on the Binji Card's user interface, consumers can now transfer funds from up to 24 different debit or credit cards into a single spending account."

Binji Provides Access to Money in Today's Digital World Where Others Don't
In today's 24/7-connected digital world, it's only natural that the everyday services in our lives should offer that same access. Binji's digital display card and app do just that by leveraging advanced technology to help free users from financial management limitations. The duo's top benefits include:

Card Consolidation: The Binji Card can store up to 24 third-party debit and/or credit cards to be used as funding sources to your Binji Account so it can serve as the only physical card you need to have with you to shop in-store and online.
Digital Display Screen: Binji Card's digital display screen shows the current balance of your Binji Account, the last four digits of the selected funding source, and a four character "nickname" for fast identification.
Easy To Use: Consumers select their funding source by using Binji's two-button interface to scroll through synced accounts. Once selected, the user simply holds the down arrow button to initiate the transfer of funds from any synced debit or credit card to their Binji Account.
Save Money: The Binji App is free to download in the Apple App Store and Google Play and eliminates monthly and overdraft fees. Binji Accounts are FDIC insured up to $250,000 and allows access to over 35,000 fee-free ATMs.
Advanced Security: The Binji Card transmits information through its secure, cloud-based processing engine. Credit and debit card information is immediately encrypted in a secure token vault to protect users' identities. Binji never has access to its users' decrypted information and if lost or stolen, Binji Card transactions can be turned off immediately via the Binji App.

"Binji takes the familiarity of a physical card and combines it with the best parts of app-based banking-convenience and security," said Joseph Callahan, CTO, and Binji Co-Founder. "We're not only streamlining the payment process, but also providing a clear snapshot of where and how people spend their money. Binji is the result of years of development, anticipation, and entrepreneurial spirit and we hope consumers will feel the same sense of excitement when they partner with us to take control of their financial lives."

Binji Makes Life Easier Through Cutting-Edge Technology
By enabling consumers to take control over the money that funds daily transactions, when and where it's convenient, Binji has essentially created an operating system for money. The platform's key features include:

Peer-To-Peer Payments (P2P): Instantly pay, receive, and request money from friends with Binji's P2P payments service. Unlike other services, you can use these funds immediately from your Binji Card without having to transfer to a third-party bank.
Direct Deposit: Binji Spending Accounts are direct deposit-ready, and each has a unique account and routing number.
Early Access to Paychecks: Users who enroll in Binji direct deposit get access to their money up to two days earlier than what's offered by establishment banks. (Subject to originator ACH effective date)
Access to All Your Credit and Debit Cards: The Binji Card provides access to money in your Binji Account, which can store and be funded by up to 24 debit or credit cards at the push of a button. The account may also be funded with direct deposit or when friends send money with P2P.
Accepted Worldwide: Binji can be used with any point-of-sale machine, including internationally, that accepts debit Mastercard.
Battery Life: On average, Binji Card's battery lasts up to three years, which will typically cover the lifespan of the card from issue through expiration date.
Bluetooth Connectivity: The Binji Card and app communicate via smartphone Bluetooth connection so you can add and select funding sources on the go.
ATM Withdrawals: Binji's in-app GPS map shows the location of fee-free ATMs near you. There are over 35,000 total fee-free ATMs in Binji's network.

Pricing and Availability
Binji Cards can be purchased at www.Binji.co for $89. The Binji App is available to download for free via the Apple App Store and Google Play. All aspects of Binji are designed to be easy-to-use and new users can set Binji up within a few minutes.

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