BitPay appoints Glen Braganza CFO

Source: BitPay

BitPay, the largest global blockchain payments provider, today announced it has hired Glen Braganza as its Chief Financial Officer to help support the business through its next phase as the company grows into a global financial organization.

Glen has over 15 years’ experience in private equity and public markets with a strong emphasis on payment processing and helping high-growth companies create shareholder value.

“Over the past few years, BitPay has seen record growth as businesses realize the potential blockchain payments deliver globally,” said Stephen Pair, CEO and co-founder of BitPay. “Glen’s experience is a key advantage to BitPay as the team moves the company into the mainstream to help businesses leverage blockchain for fast consumer transactions and easy global payments.”

Mr. Braganza joins from Worldpay US where he served as Chief Financial Officer responsible for over $400 million in annual revenue and over $150 billion in annual payment processing volume. Mr. Braganza had a distinguished 10 year career at Worldpay and was instrumental in the successful $7.4 billion IPO of Worldpay in 2015, and the establishment of the Group’s regulated business in the Netherlands in 2014. During Mr. Braganza’s tenure with the group, Worldpay grew from 2,500 employees and $3.8 billion Valuation to 5,000 employees and $13.1 billion Valuation.

“BitPay is at the cutting-edge of blockchain-payment technology and has proven itself as a valuable partner to numerous companies and consumers globally. I believe that BitPay has the opportunity to be a game-changer in the financial technology and payment space as the use cases for blockchain payments grow around the world. I am very excited to be part of this journey and join the team,” shared Mr. Braganza.

Before Worldpay, Mr. Braganza spent most of his career executing Mergers & Acquisitions for financial services organizations, initially working at Lloyds Banking Group in the UK and then joining Jefferies & Co in London. He has a Bachelor of Science degree with Honors in Economics from Loughborough University in the UK, is a qualified Accountant and is also an Advisory Board member of the CFO Forum Atlanta.

BitPay allows merchants to accept blockchain payments from users all over the world for only a 1% fee. BitPay processed over $1 billion in payments last year and powers over 2 million unique wallets. BitPay’s business to business service grew over 200%, as global brand like Avnet adopt Bitcoin for international payments that are cheaper and faster than bank wires and credit card payments.  

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