Bond.One uses new Azure Blockchain Service to deploy infrastructure for debt capital markets

Source: Bond.One

Bond.One, a company building the digital infrastructure for fixed income markets, today announced that it is one of the inaugural users of the new Microsoft Azure Blockchain Service.

The new Azure Blockchain Service enables Bond.One to deploy global, scalable infrastructure for debt capital markets.

Bond.One has been using Azure Blockchain Service for the past five months to develop a prototype of the company’s platform to originate and administer digital debt securities on a distributed ledger. Bond.One chose Azure Blockchain Service because of its ability to efficiently build and deploy sophisticated smart contract technology, while allowing for superior customization and rapid implementation timelines due to the preconfigured system architecture that Azure Blockchain Service provides.

“Our team of developers have had an overwhelmingly positive experience utilizing the Azure Blockchain Service,” said John Mizzi, Chief Strategy Officer at Bond.One. “We are able to build, test and deploy solutions using our fully automated CI/CD Azure DevOps pipeline, which is only possible because of the speed and stability Azure Blockchain Service provides. Working with Microsoft allows our company—and many others—to create the solutions that are moving blockchain from promising idea to proven implementation.”

Bond.One was developed out of cVation, a software development firm with expertise deploying cloud-based enterprise technology across financial services, insurance and aviation sectors. The Bond.One platform, which has been in development for more than a year, will launch later this quarter.  

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