KBC lets customers order Sodexo service vouchers from mobile app

Source: KBC

Since recently, KBC* customers can order Sodexo service vouchers right from the KBC Mobile app, which also lets them pay for vouchers directly instead of by manual transfer.

Customers can get their vouchers digitally or in paper form.

KBC Mobile users have had easy, fast, direct access to a number of non-banking services for some time now.

The numbers show that they are eager to use them as well:

· De Lijn public transport tickets: 232 500 since September 2018

· SNCB train tickets: 90 000 since November 2018

· 4411 parking sessions: 219 200 since June 2018

· Monizze meal vouchers: 11 500 consultations in March 2019

· Q-Park parking: 13.560 linked number plates since mid-March




Karin Van Hoecke, KBC’s General Manager of Digital Transformation in Belgium, on the new KBC Mobile app service: ‘The numbers show very clearly that our customers are eagerly using the additional services we offer through our Mobile app. They especially appreciate the ease of use. Over a million customers use our Mobile app and log in at least once a day. It lets them check their Monizze meal or eco vouchers without having to install a separate app. Since 23 April, they’ll be able to use our Mobile app to order and pay for Sodexo service vouchers as well. They can also have their vouchers automatically added to their balance shown in the app, so they can easily see how many they have left. Some 255,000 customers purchase service cheques from Sodexo via KBC. This service is yet another step forward in making our customers’ lives even easier with our Mobile app.’

Order and pay for Sodexo service vouchers in a few taps

Ordering, buying and managing Sodexo service vouchers just got much easier and faster since 23 April.

Since that day, KBC Mobile app users can order and pay for Sodexo service vouchers right from the app.

Customers can easily link their Sodexo account to KBC Mobile in just a few steps to start using the service.

They can opt to add their ordered service vouchers digitally to their balance shown in the app or get them in paper form.

If they opt for electronic service vouchers, they are immediately added to the number of vouchers available.

They can also see how many service vouchers they can still:

• Order

• Use digitally

*Includes KBC Brussels and CBC customers 

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