Pipeline Trading Systems' block marketplace hits record volumes

Source: Pipeline Trading Systems

Pipeline Trading Systems LLC, a registered broker/dealer and the marketplace of choice for large block electronic trading announced that its users executed a record 24,185,600 shares on January 24, 2006.

Ninety-six percent of the shares traded within the best displayed prices nationwide with an average trade size over 45,000 shares.

Kevin Connellan, Director of Equity Trading, Northern Trust Global Investments Co. said, "This just affirms my belief that their model is extremely viable and an invaluable tool for finding liquidity."

Joe Gawronski, Chief Operating Officer, Rosenblatt Securities Inc. said, "Pipeline has now entered the league of liquidity pools that cannot be ignored. It has been a real lifesaver for us on many occasions. Whether we're trading a several hundred name list for a customer or a single stock, I can tell you that being able to search for liquidity with no information leakage and actually get meaningful size done in stocks that are otherwise just trading in hundred and thousand share lots through algorithms has saved our customers real money."

Bruce Smith, Head Equity Trader, Cooke & Bieler said, "Pipeline has been very helpful to us quickly. Keep up the good work."

Additionally, Patrick Morrissey, Equity Trader, The Boston Company Asset Management, LLC said, "The Boston Company has been on board since Pipeline launched. In the beginning, there were 45 active symbols daily and now there are over 700 per day. Pipeline has been a great tool for us to find agency liquidity."

Pipeline offers a unique electronic platform where block traders can enter firm orders for large blocks of stock without the fear of the predatory practices that can occur in traditional trading venues. While Pipeline reduces such predation to the point of extinction, it expands a trader's control in an auto-ex environment. In a little over one year, 300 buy and sell side firms have embraced the Pipeline marketplace, while new clients are being added to the community on a daily basis.

"Our mission is to create a Block Trading marketplace where predatory market impact costs are eliminated, and traders are empowered to achieve great executions for their clients," said Fred Federspiel, President of Pipeline. "Pipeline's record breaking growth is one indication that we're on the right track."

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