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ETFLogic launches ETF FinTech platform

Source: ETFLogic

ETFLogic, the leading New York City-based ETF analytics and data technology company, today announced that ETFLogic Pages, a powerful new platform for discovering Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and uncovering investment trends, is now available for free.

ETFs now require an expansive skillset and deeper analytics to understand how to invest. ETFLogic’s Pages product provides a subset of the company’s quantitative tools and visuals to help asset managers and other financial professionals succeed in this new investment frontier.

Pages’ fund overview provides a selection of peer group, correlated and shared component ETFs. This feature helps investors identify funds with similar characteristics that may provide lower risk and cost profiles. The “factor exposures” feature highlights the main drivers of return for a particular name. Basket analytics and concentration scores highlight the degree of diversification within a fund. Trading details and fund flows help investors understand a fund’s relative degree of tradability.

In addition to these unique statistics, Pages provides macro-level views of return and flow trends across equity, fixed-income and alternative ETFs. ETFLogic’s unique peer-grouping taxonomy places similar ETFs together and provides flow and return statistics across the group for easy comparisons.

Pages enhances ETF transparency so that investors are empowered with more knowledge through unique data points that cannot be found elsewhere. Pages will continue to be enhanced with more advanced side-by-side comparison tools, charting and graphing tools and a premium and discount transparency monitor in the near future. 

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