HKEX sets out three-year strategic plan

Source: HKEX

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) is delighted to announce today (Thursday) its Strategic Plan 2019-2021, which sets out its vision and strategic objectives for the next three years.

HKEX Group’s vision is to be the Global Markets Leader in the Asian Time Zone - Connecting China, Connecting the World.

Already a leading venue for investing into and out of Mainland China, HKEX aims to further increase its international relevance to China and Asia, as well as its Asia relevance to the global markets, serving as the venue of choice for investors and issuers in the Asian time zone.

To support this vision, HKEX intends to focus its efforts in these areas:

China Anchored: Support international portfolio diversification by Mainland investors and facilitate further internationalisation of the domestic capital markets through secure, effective and transparent channels across asset classes;

Globally Connected: Attract global liquidity to Hong Kong by providing broader and more effective access to Asia Pacific underlying assets, creating a comprehensive and competitive one-stop shop for China and Asian exposures; and

Technology Empowered: Leverage technology to modernise HKEX’s core business and explore new frontiers through strategic partnerships with technology leaders.

To support its strategic objectives, HKEX will also make further investments in talent, capabilities, and developing the right corporate culture, to help drive a more commercial, innovative, and customer-centric approach throughout the organisation.

These strategic initiatives will help boost HKEX’s international competitiveness and make Hong Kong even more relevant as a global financial centre.

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