AsianInfo subscribes to Alphatrade market data service, E-Trax

Source: (OTCBB:APTD), the global provider of customized real-time financial information for professional, institutional and individual investors, announced today it has signed an agreement with AsiaInfo Holdings (Nasdaq:ASIA -News), a leading provider of telecom software solutions and security products and services in China.

Under terms of the agreement, AlphaTrade will provide AsiaInfo with E-Trax, a new customizable and modular financial information tool for tracking and investing in the capital market, as well as advertising on AlphaTrade Financial Network. This agreement represents AlphaTrade's commitment to expanding its financial tools, services and reach into the world's largest-growing market.

"We're delighted AsiaInfo has recognized the value of AlphaTrade's products," said Penny Perfect, CEO of AlphaTrade. "Today's announcement with AsiaInfo, our third contract within China, underscores a growing demand for our financial services and products in the Chinese market. It is momentous that AsiaInfo acknowledges E-Trax as the most comprehensive streaming stock market module available to provide better communication and transparency to their investors."

"AlphaTrade has an excellent reputation for providing timely financial information and extending a company's reach to the financial community," Steve Zhang, AsiaInfo's President and Chief Executive, explained. "AlphaTrade's experience in China and multilingual team has been vital in effectively implementing E-Trax and in ensuring that we can best capitalize advertising on AlphaTradeFN. We are confident this relationship will drive new traffic to AsiaInfo and create new business opportunities."

AlphaTrade's AsiaInfo agreement follows previous partnerships and affiliations with companies or financial data services and stock exchanges throughout China, including General Steel Holdings (OTCBB:GSHO) and The YaSheng Group (OTCBB:YHGG).

E-Trax is a set of customizable multi-channel modules that are integrated into a company's online business destination within minutes. These Web-based tools provide greater transparency to investors to obtain more complete financial information such as stock quotes, SEC filings, active issues, breaking and archived news, stock charts and market snapshots of any public company, instantly. AlphaTradeFN is a free site offering unique advertising opportunities for companies wishing to attract direct long-lasting exposure to the financial community at large.

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