Options extends colocation to more Apac exchanges

Source: Options

Options, the leading provider of global market data and colocation services for trading firms, today welcomed the addition of Hong Kong Exchange (HKEx), Korea Exchange (KRX) and the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX – ALC Australian Liquidity Centre) to its Managed Colocation platform.

Also in addition to the ASX in Australia, Options has also expanded its footprint into Equinix SY2 in Sydney. Options’ clients co-located within these co-location facilities will benefit from access to ultra low-latency exchange feeds and order entry access and managed hosting directly at source.

Options has successfully deployed colocation infrastructure at the top tier exchanges as part of its aggressive 2019 global platform expansion. Currently, the firm’s premier managed colocation services are available at over 40+ key trading venues across Europe, North America, South Africa and Asia.

Options facilitates trading at hundreds of venues worldwide with fully managed co-location services. The firm recently expanded its presence in Singapore to meet the increasing demand for APAC liquidity. Options’ SGX and SG1 managed colocation facilities provide rapid time to market and massive TCO reduction, wrapped in best-in-class resiliency and security.

Today’s announcement follows recent news of Options’ business operations growth in New Zealand, Austrailia and Asia. The launch of the firm’s New Zealand office is part of an ongoing, global initiative to bring its sales, operations, account management and support teams closer to key customers in the region and follows the appointment of Jun Ashida to the executive teamas Managing Director for Asia.

Options’ VP Product Management, Micah Kroeze, commented, “At Options, we are always looking for innovative ways to meet our clients’ wide range of requirements as well as anticipate their needs from a global perspective. Options continues to both expand and facilitate trading at hundreds of venues worldwide with fully managed colocation services. Our agility in helping clients enter new territories, backed by the assurance of our trusted industry-hardened platform is an affirmation of the innovation that has made us the industry’s vendor of choice today.”

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