British Credit Trust deploys Pancredit risk analytics software

Source: British Credit Trust

The British Credit Trust (BCT) has gone live with an analytics module from pancredit to manage risk and further improve responsible lending through targeted selling and better scorecard development.

The solution has been implemented at BCT's headquarters in Slough and replaces a legacy score card system.

BCT has chosen to work with pancredit due to its proven expertise in the consumer lending and motor finance markets. It is anticipated that the software will increase the effectiveness of targeted marketing campaigns, building relationships with customers and improving service.

"Previously, our marketing campaigns have been quite disorganised, with information being sent out in bulk to contacts on our database," comments Jon Guthrie, risk and IT director, British Credit Trust. "This software allows us to gain a better insight into our relationship with specific customer groups and further promotes responsible lending. This not only improves customer service, it also allows us to consolidate data and produce better results in terms of analysing information and enhancing product development."

BCT has benefited from an extremely quick turnaround after being introduced to pancredit at the recent Windsor Consulting Conference in October 2005.

"After seeing pancredit's demonstration at the event, we immediately knew that this solution was the one we needed to drive our analytical capabilities forward," continues Guthrie. "We were tempted by the fact that the solution would reduce all of our in-house development down to just the click of a button. The software does all the work, while we benefit from just seeing the results.

"We have been very impressed with pancredit's expertise and knowledge, particularly in understanding our business requirements as well as the software."

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