Japanese brokerage invests £2 million in UK startup Pipster

Source: Pipster

One of Asia’s leading fintech companies has invested £2 million into the development of a UK-based trading platform, demonstrating confidence in a post-Brexit Britain.

Japan’s Finatext Group has invested the funds to support the launch and ongoing development of Pipster, an FCA-regulated currency trading platform that will provide a simpler, smarter and more responsible way of trading while improving financial literacy for those who have no trading experience.

Pipster launched with a virtual ‘Pioneer’ mode, enabling users to practice trading and familiarise themselves with the market and their strategy using virtual funds risk free, before committing any real money.

A unique analysis tool for Pipster is Finatext UK’s unique live Social Sentiment Indicator (SSI) powered by Robota Intelligence, which monitors social media posts in near-real time and can identify upcoming trends. Details of this tool can be found here.

The insight provided by the tool can give users an idea when to both buy and sell, maximising returns by allowing profits to be made in both rising and falling markets.

Pipster goes above and beyond new regulations which limit leverage and trade values, allowing even lower entry and trade sizes for new investors. This helps new users to trade without having to invest large values at high-risk. Full transparency with pricing is also a significant element of Pipster’s pledge.

On-platform video and tutorial content, alongside forums and chats, will enable users to discuss strategies and trends on a peer-to-peer basis, opening up what has traditionally been a very closed community. It is hoped that this open forum will promote healthy discussion and support networks between traders, mitigating the stress that many conventional traders suffer from.

All users will also have access to curated financial and business news, can see summarised indicators - both technical and fundamental, and have access to learning materials if they want to better understand the concepts and basics of trading.

Pipster is designed to supplement an income as part of an investment portfolio, rather than replace a full-time job. Most trades are quick, short-term activities completed within a few hours or a day, as opposed to longer term strategies that require investment to be locked up for months or years.

Finatext UK recently announced its partnership with Z.com Trade, which is an affiliated company of the world’s foremost provider of Forex, GMO CLICK Securities Inc., who as a group process around one trillion dollars in trading volume every month. Their provision of world-class executions services, global reach and experience serving as a perfect match to help Pipster’s arrival in the sector be as seamless as possible.

Rob Brockington, CEO of Finatext UK, said:

“Confidence in Britain after we’ve exited the EU has been a topic of global interest. By making this initial investment, Finatext has made its stance clear.

“With Pipster and our unique social sentiment indicator, we believe that the trading industry stands to be changed for the better by creating a simpler and smarter trading platform. Thanks to the team’s experience of establishment brokerages, we’re acutely aware of the need to instil financial literacy in new users and traders, that’s why we are focussing on the platform’s virtual mode, community chat forums and video tutorials to familiarise new users with the sector before letting them trade in live mode.

“Our platform is designed with the user in mind. Powered by the SSI and incorporating new technology and simplification of previously complex features like technical analytics, we can open the doors to this new generation of traders. With a solid understanding of the underlying market and trading principles, mixed with an intuitive platform and simplified data, everyone has the opportunity to win.

“With Pipster, we’re encouraging a new generation of traders who are open to sharing new ideas and strategies. This industry has already changed beyond recognition in just the last couple of years. These are exciting times, and Pipster is the next phase of this change.”

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