Grasshopper taps Solace for AI-powered trading

Source: Solace

Grasshopper, Singapore’s leading proprietary trading firm and liquidity provider, has expanded its deployment of the Solace PubSub+ advanced event broker to offer enhanced capabilities that use machine learning for predictive trading.

Grasshopper has trusted Solace’s advanced event broker technologies as the data movement foundation of its low latency trading system since 2011.

Grasshopper is working with Google to feed real-time pricing data into predictive trading algorithms powered by Apache Beam and TensorFlow and running in Google Cloud Platform. This introduced the need to establish event-driven data flow across hybrid cloud and on-premises environments. Grasshopper selected Solace PubSub+ for its superior WAN optimization, built-in fault tolerance and high availability.

“Since Grasshopper trades across multiple exchanges, it’s critical to our business that we can send and receive data across long distance, wide area network links with extremely low latency,” said T-Kiang Tan, CTO, Grasshopper. “Solace is an important element of our trading infrastructure, providing the reliable, robust event distribution platform we need to exchange all kinds of real-time market data and transactions across many exchanges.”
Grasshopper initially deployed PubSub+ to enable low latency price distribution between exchanges in Singapore and Tokyo. The company has since expanded their use of PubSub+ to meet the messaging and event distribution needs of a variety of applications and algorithms across asset classes.

“Our decision to use PubSub+ to incorporate cloud-based machine learning into our infrastructure was relatively easy given Solace’s unique hybrid cloud capabilities, and the strength of the relationship we’ve built with them over the years,” said T-Kiang Tan. “Solace’s roadmap continues to align with where we want to go in terms of embracing artificial intelligence, big data and cloud, and their services and support organizations are of the highest caliber.”

Grasshopper has implemented several PubSub+ appliances in on-premises datacenters and exchange co-location sites. The firm has also deployed PubSub+ software brokers in Google Cloud Platform for additional geographic reach and on-demand scalability.

“Grasshopper is the kind of success story we love to be a part of,” said Kent Nash, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan, Solace. “Since meeting their initial goals with our PubSub+ event broker seven years ago, Grasshopper has been able to grow and adapt their business with shifting customer needs. We’re excited to help them leverage advanced cloud-based services to achieve further success and create an event mesh that spans their business.” 

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