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UK challenger MoneeMint signs for Codebase Digibanc tech

Source: Codebase Technologies

Codebase Technologies, a global leader in financial services and banking technology, announces that MoneeMint – aspiring to be the UK’s first completely ethical and digital bank serving the United Kingdom, and Europe – is one of the latest digital financial institutions to select the Digibanc™ enterprise banking suite from Codebase Technologies.

MoneeMint is one of the pioneering digital ethical banking platforms to leverage the Digibanc™ solution to empower its pioneering banking practice.

As a new Codebase Technologies core banking client, MoneeMint benefits from a range of enhanced capabilities for serving its upcoming customers and supporting its rapid growth into the UK and European market.

In recent time, MoneeMint has secured funding from private equity firm Ground One Ventures for the purpose of acquiring a robust and dynamic core banking system to support the overall vision and mission of MoneeMint. The bank, known for its use of leading-edge financial technology, has been recognized by various media intermediaries and fintech publications as among one of the most upcoming and to watch out for fintech initiatives in the western hemisphere.

Enhanced capabilities provided by Codebase Technologies’ Digibanc™ enterprise banking platform include customer onboarding, eKYC, complete core banking modules, payment services, and cutting-edge solution methodologies for maximum transparency/ease of use. The Codebase Technologies’ enterprise banking platform will also help MoneeMint manage complex regulatory requirements and streamline back-end processes to ensure maximum convenience for both MoneeMint and its customers.

“Disruptive, intuitive, and highly flexible, is our differentiator and identifier at MoneeMint,” said Hassan Waqar, Co-founder of MoneeMint. “With the enterprise banking platform from Codebase Technologies, we are able to provide MoneeMint customers with the advanced services and convenience they are looking for, while giving us the flexibility to support our continued growth.”

“MoneeMint understands the power and importance of enterprise banking technology in serving its customers and competing in a highly dynamic and digitally driven marketplace,” said Omar Mansur, Global Enterprise Projects Lead, Codebase Technologies. “We look forward to working together with MoneeMint by providing advanced cutting-edge technology to meet their business goals and continue their growth into the market.” 

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