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On-demand insurance startup Trov expands to more US states

Source: Trov

The New Year is here (how are your resolutions going?) and we’re already checking off some of our goals for 2019. We’ve been busy obtaining state-by-state approvals for Trov’s innovative approach to insurance over the past months.

State government regulates insurance a little differently for their populace (as they should), so we’ve been adapting our tech platform and policies to comply with every state.

Now that we have almost all state approvals, it’s time to start launching in more states (we launched our first state in Arizona)!

Today, we’re excited to announce Trov’s On-Demand Insurance is now available to all eligible residents of the great states of Delaware, Nevada, South Dakota, and Wyoming!

Why these states, you might wonder.

It could be because Nevada has about 50,000 miles of paved road — roads where Trov will provide tailored insurance technology for companies innovating in the mobility space, including self-driving vehicles, ride-hailing services, and bike sharing.

Or Wyoming, because it’s where the country’s first national park, Yellowstone, is located and you will now be able to protect your sports gear and photography equipment with Trov on a trip through the open plains and towering Tetons to see it.

Perhaps we chose South Dakota because the Badlands National Park contains fossils dating 23 to 35 million years old—a length of time you could theoretically protect something with Trov because Trov’s insurance can be turned on and off at any time on-demand whether it’s a few minutes or a few millennia (although we’ve never seen this before).

Lastly, one might think we chose Delaware because it was the first state to ratify the United States Constitution, the living document that was flexible and smart enough to guide our country into the future for centuries to come… and we built Trov to do the same for insurance.

While these reasons are plausible, we really chose these states because, well, they were simply at the top of our list!

If you live in one of these states, here’s what this means for you. You can now see for yourself what it’s like to experience On-Demand Insurance—to swipe insurance on and off using just your phone, anytime and anywhere for any of your things.

Instead of paying a heavy insurance bill for a thick and brittle contract, you can now protect the things you care about—like a guitar, camera, or laptop—for as long (or as short) as you want and never overpay for coverage you didn’t use.

Trov’s innovative “micro-duration” policies make it feel like other on-demand apps—like Tinder or Spotify—but for insurance, which is why it’s called “On-Demand Insurance.”

Many of our users like swiping right on Trov to protect their gear on a trip, or as a replacement for the extended warranty right after a big purchase.

If you’re not a resident of Delaware, Nevada, South Dakota, or Wyoming, don’t worry—we’re on our way and you’ll be able to use it when we’re live in your state. As you’re reading this, we’re working on making our way across the country. For now, you can still check out the award-winning Trov app, although you won’t be able to experience On-Demand Insurance just yet. Stay tuned for our next announcement when we release the next batch of states carrying Trov soon! 

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