Onyx Software introduces wireless CRM platform for Japan

Source: Onyx Software

Onyx Software Corporation (Nasdaq:ONXS), a worldwide leader in customer management solutions for the enterprise, today announced Onyx Employee Portal Wireless (OEP Wireless) for Japan.

Part of an integrated suite of mobile enterprise CRM solutions, OEP Wireless for Japan is immediately available for Foma 3G and mova 2G Series iMode devices.

Onyx's introduction of OEP Wireless for Japan offers 45 million iMode users access to Onyx's versatile CRM platform for delivering enhanced customer service and satisfaction. OEP Wireless for Japan increases business productivity by keeping mobile professionals connected and informed, while delivering advanced capabilities for quickly and easily managing customer and partner account, sales, service and support activities.

OEP Wireless features a thin client mobile interface specifically built to leverage Onyx's XML-based pure Internet platform. For the Japanese market, it has been designed to optimize the unique features and usability techniques of iMode Internet cell phones. With powerful information display and management functions, OEP Wireless for Japan enables users to efficiently perform various tasks that facilitate the delivery of rapid and superior customer service. These include initiating phone calls and emails, requesting and sending literature to customers, receiving time critical alerts directly through links on records, updating sales forecasts, and generating customer quotes.

"Mobile CRM capabilities, especially important in the Japanese market, play a vital role in cultivating customer relationships and the performance and reliability of OEP Wireless offers companies a distinct competitive advantage," said Andie Rees, Senior Vice President, International at Onyx. "There has been strong demand for an iMode-based CRM solution and we are pleased to bring this advanced level of support to Japan's mobile sales and customer service teams."

"One of the big benefits of an enterprise CRM solution is the ability to access vital customer data, regardless of device or locale," said Todd Chambers, Chief Marketing Officer at Onyx. "Onyx customers in the United States, Europe or Japan can now access and leverage customer data in real time. This is of great interest not only to our enterprise-level Japanese customers, but also to our multi-national customers with worldwide operations."

Onyx mobile solutions operate seamlessly across multiple devices, extending the power of Onyx Customer Management technology to laptops and handheld devices for real-time wireless or disconnected access with data synchronization. Onyx's ultra-light Internet architecture offers users greater convenience providing multiple access options, including Onyx Employee Portal Offline Edition as well as Onyx Employee Portal Wireless versions for Blackberry, Palm and Pocket PC devices, and now iMode.

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