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PrePay Solutions marks ten years with Sainsburys by re-signing contract

Source: PrePay Solutions

PrePay Solutions (PPS), European digital banking and payments provider, is celebrating ten years with Sainsburys by continuing to build on a pipeline of online products.

Since 2008, PPS has powered the Sainsbury’s Retail and Corporate Gift Card programme exclusively in the UK. In those early days PPS saw an opportunity to work in partnership with Sainsbury’s to grow their business. Growth has certainly been achieved by a significant 80% increase on gift card activity load across their suite of products with PPS over the ten- year partnership.

Following this successful decade, Sainsbury has re-signed a new contract with PPS meaning the company has complete exclusivity of the gift card programme for the foreseeable future.
The next phase of the partnership will build on a super strong pipeline of compelling digital and online products setting Sainsbury’s apart as market leading and giving them the competitive advantage.

PPS will continue supporting other ground-breaking gift and prepaid card solutions with Sainsbury’s as its strategy broadens and shapes in the near future.

Commenting on the accomplished ten-year partnership, Ray Brash, CEO of PrePay Solutions, commented: “In a fast-moving Retail space which is increasingly driven by technology, long-term partnerships such as this are something to be celebrated. After an incredible decade with Sainsburys, we’re excited to continue powering them for at least the next three years. Since working with us, their in-store gift card programmes have grown exponentially, and we’re delighted to support them in their next digital step in early 2019. At PrePay Solutions, we are committed to driving the migration of digital payments and strive to improve services for our clients across wide-ranging sectors.”

Sarah Chesterton, Commercial Manager at Sainsbury, said: “We have worked with PPS for 10 years and have recently re-signed our contract to ensure the continued growth and development of our B2C & B2B business for Sainsbury’s. With PPS being one of the leading suppliers in this market we are confident that we will always have the most innovative and forward-thinking solutions to offer to our staff and customers. The team at PPS are always supportive and willing to discuss ways to improve the service and products we offer to ensure we remain at the forefront of digital retail.”

Amanda Harrison, Account Development Manager at PrePay Solutions, said: “To lead the mutual renewal agreement process with Sainsbury’s and to be involved in helping them take new innovative and strategic products and solutions to market, including online and digital which will accelerate their growth plans of their existing gifting programme is what PPS account development is all about”.

Established with PPS’ technology, all programmes are supported by Mastercard and third-party company MBL solutions.

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