SIX and Hiag data partner on financial cloud

Source: SIX

SIX and HIAG Data intend to enter into a partnership to provide secure Swiss cloud services to strengthen the financial market.

To address customer needs, it is intended to leverage the core assets of both companies. The foreseen services are planned to be established in close corporation with customers.

Together, SIX and HIAG Data intend to jointly offer new services to facilitate and accelerate cloud migration in the financial service industry. The cloud offering shall fulfill the latest standards and regulations as well as features like Swissness, compliance, security, scalability and performance. The intended market segments to address are banks, insurances, health-insurances and companies handling sensitive or regulated data.

The modular and flexible offering shall comprise services around cloud infrastructure services for the operation of applications and solutions on a scalable multicloud platform. In addition services to bring clients to the cloud shall be provided. All this with intention to build a cloud-based ecosystem for the financial services industry enabling innovative solutions.

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