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ReachX gets FCA greenlight

Source: ReachX

ReachX, an emerging financial technology platform looking to transform corporate finance services and access to primary research in a post-MiFID II environment, is pleased to announce the commercial launch of its operations after receiving its authorisation from the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

The company is working to shake-up traditional financial market research and corporate finance services via its technology enabled platform connecting independent industry and finance professionals with corporations, institutional investors and leading organizations. ReachX's mission is to offer bespoke, on-demand financial services and access to knowledge to decision makers without conflict of interests.

ReachX also publishes bespoke global market focussed content, analysis, research, podcasts and videos on unique investment opportunities via its portal.

The company was founded in December 2017 by Rafael S. Lajeunesse and Olivier Beau de Loménie. The idea was born out of creating an unbiased research, knowledge and services hub fit for a post-MiFID II environment.

Rafael is a former Senior Portfolio Manager with J.P. Morgan and former Management consultant with McKinsey & Co. in the US and Europe, while Olivier has founded several start-ups within the online retail, data analytics and fintech sectors, including Emolument and Techtopus.

Commenting on the launch, Rafael S. Lajeunesse, CEO of ReachX, said: “We think the implementation of MiFID II and the digital transformation of the financial services industry are creating a unique opportunity to reinvent how essential financial services can be offered in a more transparent and cost efficient way to companies and investors.”

Commenting on the launch, Olivier Beau de Lomenie, CTO, ReachX, said: "We have developed a platform to facilitate access to a wide array of financial market expertise and primary research. Our aim is to create an ecosystem driven by ideas, analysis, and investor dialogue circulated over our best-in-class knowledge exchange and business portal for experts, corporates and investors, leading to better informed transactions." 

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