Burton Menswear launches ATM:ad campaign

Source: ATM:ad

Burton Menswear, the popular high street clothes retailer is targeting customers who qualify for discounts in-store, with a new advertising campaign on ATM:ad which will appear on cash machines at universities and hospitals across the UK.

University students and National Health Service staff receive a discount when they shop at Burton's and the firm is keen to encourage a greater take-up of the offers available. The ads will appear between January 23rd and March 19th at 34 hospitals and 19 universities. The campaign is expected to deliver 1.96 million impacts and 490,000 guaranteed one-to-ones during the 8-week period.

The initial creative for the campaign, which is being produced by Burton's in-house design department and adapted by ATM:ad, will focus on promoting the fact that students pay less and that, for a time limited period only, there is an offer of 15% off in-store when they use a valid student card. Later creative will target NHS staff.

Mark Dugdale, Marketing Manager at Burton, said: "Running this campaign on ATM:ad enables us to get to the heart of our target audience. Neither group, and particularly NHS staff, is easy to reach through traditional methods, but ATM:ad is highly targeted and we know that the campaign will be seen by the very people we are trying to get to."

ATM:ad delivers a digital, one-to one communication with a range of targeted audiences in key out-of-home environments including supermarkets, petrol stations, high streets, shopping malls and universities. Since its launch in mid-2004, it has carried campaigns from a wide range of sectors including travel, FMCG, internet, entertainment and government for a variety of advertisers including Nestle, UIP, British Airways, Fox Home Entertainment, Comic Relief, Carling, and British Eurosport.

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