Deutsche Bank steps up Big Data efforts with new analytics capability for Securities Services

Source: Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is launching its enterprise analytics capability, which collates and analyses millions of lines of data daily to identify opportunities for efficiencies in the bank’s and its clients’ securities settlements.

Deutsche Bank’s Securities Services will be bringing live its new enterprise analytics capability in November 2018, enabling daily data analysis on securities transactions. Starting with the German market and with a wider roll-out planned, the platform represents a key step towards unlocking the value of Deutsche Bank’s huge repository of transaction data, which details the holdings and movements of cash, securities and other instruments in and out of client accounts.

This launch is the fruit of agile delivery and close collaboration between Deutsche Bank’s Securities Services team and its Dublin-based Data Labs, bringing together business expertise, and specialist data techniques and technology to source, analyse and extract meaningful insights for the bank and its clients. This includes consolidating data from a complex landscape of systems and databases onto a new scalable platform and then integrating it with business analytics capabilities.

“This is a ground-breaking launch for Deutsche Bank and the wider banking industry,” says Fiona Gallagher, Deutsche Bank’s Head of GTB Securities Services. “There has been a lot of media attention surrounding technology companies moving into the banking space but this move sees us flex our own muscles when it comes to an area traditionally in the technology domain. We have the data, we have the technological and analytical capabilities via our data labs and of course, we have the banking expertise - putting us in a strong position to dig into client data in a way that’s yet to be fully explored in Securities Services.”

Deutsche Bank’s deep wells of data have the potential to yield insights affecting all areas of its internal and client-supporting activities. For example, one initial use case identified includes analysing clients’ intraday cash liquidity utilisation, providing valuable insights that enable them to optimise their available liquidity, reduce their funding costs and maximise their returns on cash.

“This is just the starting point for Securities Services on this journey,” concludes Gallagher. “Going forward, there will be continued focus on working in partnership, swiftly and smartly, both within Deutsche Bank and with our clients, to address further priority problem areas.

“Next on the agenda for data analytics is ensuring we can identify and understand the drivers behind settlement fails - a key part of achieving settlement efficiency. This is increasingly important following the introduction of the penalty regime under Central Securities Depositary Regulation (CSDR).”

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