Aktis ships cloud-based banking governance platform

Source: Aktis

Aktis, a data intelligence company focused on corporate governance, announced today the launch of its new cloud platform, Governance.Direct, which collects and compares over 800 unique governance data points on the world’s largest banks.

This includes, but is not limited to, board size and composition, directors’ expertise, demographic makeup, committee structure and executive remuneration. This data is carefully mined, analysed and presented through an intuitive user interface allowing benchmarking, comparison, and detailed “flag” analysis of unique and material data points.

By creating a standardised governance communications and analysis platform, Aktis will make governance accessible and thereby transparent, and the platform will serve as an industry utility for all constituents of governance data and services.

“The launch of this unique platform is particularly pertinent given the 10-year anniversary of the global financial crisis,” said Ben Grosman, Aktis’ CEO. “The mechanisms, processes and relations by which banks are governed have rightly been the focus of unprecedented public scrutiny and attention since then. Our data shows how far the industry has progressed, but also reveals that a number of problems still linger and are re-emerging.”

He added; “Effective corporate governance is critical to ensure the proper functioning of the banking sector and to mitigate systematic risk across the whole economy. Our platform gives banks the opportunity to benchmark their corporate governance practices and delivers practical insights, which will hopefully make a positive impact on the integrity and robustness of the sector.”

Aktis collects and analyses critical bank governance data and information buried in thousands of pages of public disclosures using expert-curated purpose-built data mining techniques. The insights garnered from the careful analysis of this data are presented in detailed analysis reports tailored to the specific needs of each banking client. Aktis’ clients, which include Credit Suisse and Societe Generale, are also given access to regular bank governance intelligence updates and access to dedicated industry experts.

The Governance.Direct platform provides thorough thematic analysis utilising gender diversity, board composition, and factors contributing to the operational risks of a bank, and subscribers to the platform also have the option of further consultation with Aktis’ research team.

“Our platform provides banks with quality comparative data and benchmarking tools for detailed analysis of their peers and competitors, as well as the corporate governance landscape more broadly. We are arming the industry with the necessary insight to make more informed and strategic governance decisions,” Grosman said.

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