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Tandem rolls out credit card blocking feature

Source: Tandem Bank

It can be incredibly worrying when you have misplaced your card and think it may be lost or stolen.

While cancelling a card is a sure fire way to protect hard-earned money it is a major inconvenience. You need alternative ways to spend before your new card arrives and you will need to update your payment details on every online platform you use. Now you can have peace of mind without the hassle as you work out whether a new card is really necessary.

Today, Tandem announces a new card blocking feature for its banking app, which enables customers to react instantly to a misplaced card, offering them control and safety on their own terms. The feature ensures customer security, allowing them to block or unblock their Tandem credit cards whenever they need to.

Matt Ford, Tandem Product Director, says, “With this exciting new feature we are addressing the demand for tighter security when it comes to card payments. We want our customers to feel secure wherever they go and be in control of sorting their money. Instead of immediately having to cancel their card if they’ve misplaced it, we give customers the freedom of simply blocking it for now and unblocking it later.”

The blocking feature can be accessed any time via the Tandem app, allowing customers to take immediate action. Consumers will now have peace of mind, allowing them the convenience of spending on their card without the worries of theft and fraud. The app also calculates how much “spending money” users have based on expected outgoings and offers them real time advice as they spend.

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