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Precise Biometrics moves beyond fingerprints

Source: Precise Biometrics

Updated strategy in conjunction with today’s Capital Market’s lunch. Stefan K Persson will today on 12 October 2018 present Precise Biometrics’ revised strategy on a Capital Market’s lunch.

As the use of smart devices such as cellphones, vehicles, consumer electronics, watches and other accessories has increased the demand for convenient and secure biometric technology grows. To be able to read biometric data through fingerprints, iris, face, behaviour and geo data enables a convenient and secure user experience.

Precise Biometrics’ core operation has historically been within fingerprint biometrics with a focus on mobile devices. With help from a number of partnership collaboriations’ Precise Biometrics now work on developing solutions with the objective to unite various biometrical modalities. These will be able to apply to new user areas and sectors such as finance, gaming, medical and security.

These biometric solutions, where continuous user identification can be applied ensure a convenient and secure experience, and is adapted to what application the end user wish to use. As a result, Precise Biometrics gets closer to the end users. The revised strategy will primarily focus on the Nordic market.

”We are confident in the current biometric technology which enables us to take the next step of our development. Looking at the market and how the technology is developed, I see opportunities to expand our current business to new areas of use. Biometric systems with fingerprints, face, voice, behaviour and iris enables a digital identity that makes it more convenient and secure in the daily life”, said Stefan K Persson, CEO Precise Biometrics.

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