SumUp launches standalone 3G card reader

Source: SumUp

SumUp, the financial technology company that allows businesses of all sizes to receive payments quickly and simply, is today launching its next-generation card terminal; a standalone payment device that does not require an accompanying mobile app.

With the launch of the ‘SumUp 3G Reader’, the London fintech company becomes the first business of its kind to offer a standalone payment solution that does not rely on an app. To enable this, the device comes with an integrated free data card and a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

This new development is the product of ongoing feedback from SumUp’s 1 million active users worldwide, showing that for some businesses - particularly highly mobile ones such as handymen, delivery services, or waiters taking payments at the table - a card reader that requires no additional smartphone provides added flexibility.

The new standalone card reader is equipped with free data that enables transactions at 1.69% for all debit and credit cards, Apple, and Google Pay - allowing business owners to accept payments anytime and anywhere.

The SumUp 3G Reader is launching in the UK and will hit markets in Europe shortly after. It will retail at £99, with a launch price of £69 in the opening weeks.

Daniel Klein, CEO of SumUp, comments: “We’re here to empower the world to accept card payments, no matter how small, unique, or mobile your business is. It’s crucial to us that we allow any merchant access to affordable and easy-to-use payment devices. This new generation of card terminal is yet another step on our mission to becoming the world’s first globally accepted payment provider. We can’t wait for our new reader to hit the market and enable our merchants across Europe to accept payments with one hand within seconds.”

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