Wealthsimple moves into pension planning

Source: Wealthsimple

Wealthsimple, a global online investment service, today introduced the Wealthsimple Pension.

It is the only digital pension in the UK that provides unlimited access to investment advice from a human adviser — at no additional cost to the client.

The Wealthsimple Pension is a self-invested personal pension (SIPP) that provides an easy and affordable way for people to save for the future by combining their pension pots in one place, alongside their other investment accounts. Wealthsimple Pension customers benefit from globally-diversified, low fee portfolios, with no minimum account size.

“Retirement is something people should look forward to, but traditionally UK pension providers haven't made it easy for people to save for their future. Fees are high, there's little flexibility and next to no support,” said Toby Triebel, CEO Europe, Wealthsimple. “We're bringing the simple, human approach we're known for to pensions and giving people access to the advice and guidance they need to build a smart retirement strategy for their future.”

The Wealthsimple Pension is a great option for people creating a pension pot for the first time, or for those who are looking to combine their old and current pensions. Clients benefit from having all their investments in one place, with access to a team of human advisers who can work with them to optimise their financial plans and ensure they are on track to meet their retirement goals.

At launch, the Wealthsimple Pension will have the following features and functions:
• No account minimum
• Low fees - 0.7% for under £100,000, 0.5% for over £100,000
• Globally diversified portfolio, automatic re-balancing
• Transfer fees covered
• Fund through Direct Debit or one-off payment
• Account opening takes minutes; no paperwork
• Companies can contribute to an employers Wealthsimple Pension
• Socially Responsible Investing portfolios available
• Unlimited access to human advisers
Wealthsimple makes smart investing available to everyone, regardless of age or net worth, using an incredibly simple digital platform and low fee structure. Wealthsimple is used by 100,000 people globally who have invested £2billion of their savings.

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