Goldex and CityFalcon combine on mobile-based gold investing

Source: Goldex

Goldex, the first smart trading technology platform allowing retail customers to invest in physical gold, today announced its partnership with CityFALCON– a leading curated financial news service platform.

The recently launched Goldex start-up is using CityFALCON’s technology to keep clients updated in real time about the latest relevant news concerning gold, thereby enabling them to make better and well-informed investment decisions –all through the Goldex mobile app.

“CityFALCON’s innovation has been pivotal in helping Goldex offer the transparency and data needed to help investors stay informed about gold from day one,” said Sylvia Carrasco, CEO of Goldex. “With City Falcon, clients receive all the information needed for the full life cycle of gold investment such as market news, trade recommendations and charts. It’s a great technology.”

Goldex is the first gold provider operating as an agency, not owing its own gold. The app’s smart trading algorithms not only connect users with the world’s biggest gold peer-to-peer markets in five global vaults (London, Zurich, New York, Toronto and Singapore) but they identify the most optimal location and market combination at any given time for each trade. This results in average savings of 8-12% on gold purchases and sells.

“CityFALCON is one of the leading news aggregators and curators on the market,” said Ruzbeh Bacha, CEO of CityFALCON. “With our innovation we are providing Goldex users with relevant news by filtering out all the unnecessary noise that makes investment so difficult.”

Powered by machine learning and crowd curation, CityFALCON provides a personalised financial news feed from over 2000 publications and social media channels like Twitter. The platform rates every story with CityFALCON Score, and provides the content through its website to consumers for free and to businesses for a small licensing fee. CityFALCON covers everything from stocks, commodities, foreign exchange, indices and private companies, to bonds, funds, cryptocurrencies, property, and financial topics. 

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