VeriFone releases VisualPayments Suite; receives PCI PED certification for POS system

Source: VeriFone

VeriFone today announced the VisualPayments Suite, a set of secure, server-based applications for retailers to easily manage data flow to and from consumer-facing devices in the checkout lane.

VisualPayments encompasses four integrated solutions that empower retailers to manage in-lane systems throughout an entire enterprise and down to an individual lane, or device.

VisualPayments provides retailers with turnkey solutions that are easy to install and configure without affecting existing POS infrastructure. The VisualPayments Suite takes full advantage of high-speed network connections and utilizes browser interfaces for simplified management of retailer payment devices. VisualPayments takes full advantage of VeriFone's new multi-media customer terminal, the MX870, but was designed to accommodate other payment devices.

"VeriFone is working with retailers to provide end-to-end integrated multimedia payment and business management capabilities from centralized and remote locations down to individual payment devices in the checkout lane," said Bud Waller, VeriFone executive vice president, Integrated Solutions.

VisualPayments Modules

The four modules available in the VisualPayments Suite are:

DeviceSolutions - for managing device deployment, configuration, remote updates and diagnostics, to reduce the total cost of ownership of in-lane devices. The software provides a global view of an entire payment network, enabling remote troubleshooting, download administration and IP address assignment.

ContentSolutions - for delivering branding, promotion, and advertising content directly to consumer-facing payment devices. Unprecedented full-color, full-motion content at the point of sale increases per customer revenue via customer-specific marketing messages and promotions. Media-rich content can be managed from a central location and streamed by region, department, store, or even specific lanes.

PaymentSolutions - to support enterprise-wide electronic payments with a comprehensive payment system that assists retailers in meeting the ever changing and complex payment security and privacy issues, including PCI, CISP and PABP requirements, with minimal impact on the existing POS system. PaymentSolutions is certified with all major processors and complies with the latest Visa CISP PABP guidelines.

SignatureSolutions - to maximize return on investment in electronic signature and receipt capture and ease management of dispute resolution. Data is archived on a central server where they can be easily accessed. Retailers can search for receipts using multiple criteria and can track the dispute process with the help of comprehensive reporting and a work queue manager.

Utilizes Existing Infrastructure

VisualPayments software integrates effortlessly with VeriFone's MX870 and Omni 7000 family and can be tailored to work with a retailer's existing payment infrastructure, including legacy devices. VisualPayments will run on Linux-based servers, with the Postgres database, that can be located in-store, regionally, or at an enterprise level, and connect directly to in-store payment devices using a high-speed connection.

The VisualPayments Suite consolidates all payment-related functions into a secure, intuitive browser-based user interface and graphic-driven dashboards enable retailers to monitor critical data and manage workflow more efficiently. PaymentSolutions is available now and the other three VisualPayments software solutions will be available over the next two calendar quarters. Pricing is based on an enterprise license.

Separately, VeriFone Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PAY), announced today that its MX870 multimedia payment system has achieved PCI PED approval.

The MX870 is the first touchscreen POS payment system to meet the requirements established by Visa International and MasterCard International to ensure that PIN-based payment transactions meet the highest level of security.

The PCI PED (Payment Card Industry - PIN Entry Device) designation certifies that the physical and logical security of the MX870 was validated by an independent test organization recognized by Visa and MasterCard. Additionally, VeriFone meets stringent requirements to protect against unauthorized modification of the MX870.

"PCI PED approval ensures that retailers are able to meet the highest security standards as they update their checkout lanes with the MX870 and take advantage of its ability to create brand awareness, reinforce advertising, and deliver cross-promotions with video, digital sounds, animations, and targeted messages," said Paul Rasori, VeriFone vice president of marketing and product management.

The MX870 is a secure payment device and multimedia delivery platform in a single, customer-facing networking appliance with advanced USB and Ethernet connectivity. The modular MX870 provides the ideal platform for a variety of value-added applications and services and enables consumers to pay their way with time-tested magnetic-stripe and touch technology as well as contactless and EMV smart card payment cards, all meeting the industry's latest security standards.

The MX870 combines full-motion video, a vibrant 65,536-colour display, and high quality digital sound to deliver unprecedented digital signage opportunities for branding, promotion and advertising at the Point of Sale. MX870 combines a secure payment solution and multimedia delivery platform in a single networking appliance. It is also being utilized by VeriFone Transportation Systems (VTS) as a component of a taxi on-board management system to provide an interface for fleet management, dispatch, scheduling, messaging, GPS navigation, customer reporting, and other functions.

Separately, VeriFone announced that Wakefern Food Corporation is implementing a pilot of the VeriFone VisualPayments Signature Solutions software. Wakefern is the distribution arm of ShopRite supermarkets, which has stores located in five states serving 4 million customers each week.

Wakefern, which is completing implementation of the VeriFone Omni 7000MPD customer-facing payment system in more than 4,000 checkout lanes, will evaluate the server-based VisualPayments Signature Solution with the goal of implementing system wide in 2006.

"We are eager to evaluate the potential of VisualPayments Signature Solutions to complement VeriFone's Omni 7000, which we are implementing chain-wide at ShopRite," said Alan Aront, Wakefern's vice president, Information Systems. "As the nation's largest retailer-owned cooperative, we are constantly evaluating technology that will help our members serve their customers more productively and efficiently."

Wakefern is headquartered in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and operates three million square feet of warehousing. More than 40,000 people are employed by Wakefern and the 190 ShopRite stores in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

"Wakefern is renowned for innovation in the grocery industry and we are eager to demonstrate the value of VisualPayments Signature Solutions for managing electronic signature capture, archiving, retrieval, and dispute management," said Bud Waller, VeriFone executive vice president, Integrated Solutions.

VisualPayments Signature Solutions includes a web-based user interface for retrieving signature transaction files, optional reporting and auditing of disputes, and a streamlined dispute resolution process to speed chargeback investigations. The Omni 7000MPD was the payment industry's first modular payment device, supporting debit, credit, signature capture, smart cards, contactless, and USB and Ethernet connectivity.

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