PayPal refreshes mobile app

Source: PayPal

We are a customer champion company, and we are constantly looking at how our customers engage with the PayPal mobile app.

The most popular feature of the app still remains sending and requesting money - ranging from paying someone back, covering a portion of a bill, sending a gift, or buying something from a casual seller.

Today, we are beginning to roll out an improved PayPal mobile app focused on the customer experience. We are making the app simpler to use and making it even easier for our customers to send and request money. The improved PayPal mobile app highlights the features customers use most to help make life easier:

We’ve streamlined the app design to make it easier for customers to view their balance, get notifications, and move money from nearly wherever they are.
We’ve moved the Send and Receive money buttons, so they’re always at customers fingertips on the home screen.
Also, when sending and requesting money, we’ve made it simpler for customers to add their photo and personalize their contact list, so they can feel more confident they’re sending money to the right person.

The PayPal mobile app remains the fast, simple, secure way to send or receive money, to or from PayPal users, around the world. And with advanced authentication features, 24/7 fraud monitoring, and instant account notifications, customers have peace of mind knowing their money is right where it should be.

We are starting to roll out the improved PayPal mobile app experience in select markets - including Australia and Italy - on Android starting today. We’ll continue to roll out the improved PayPal mobile app to the additional global markets (including the U.S.) our app is available in and on iOS over the coming weeks.

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