FinLeap founds Italian financial management startup from small businesses

Source: FinLeap

Europe's largest Fintech company builder, which is already active in 15 countries through its portfolio companies, is now founding its first company in Italy.

FinLeap is developing Beesy together with Fabrick, the Italian platform for open banking and Fintech services. Beesy, with its digital financial management solution will simplify accounting, tax and banking services for micro enterprises and freelancers.

"Thanks to Beesy, entrepreneurs will have access to the best digital solutions for managing their finances," announces Marco Berini, Managing Director of FinLeap in Italy. This will include multi-banking services and tools for accounting, payments and analysis. In addition, tax consultants and banks in Beesy are going to offer additional services. "We are delighted to be partnering with an innovative actor like Fabrick right from the start. This cooperation is crucial to launching Beesy within just a few months." As soon as Beesy is launched, FinLeap will provide more details about the services and how they work.

The Italian Fintech company Fabrick is the lead investor in the seed financing round. "Thanks to the venture with FinLeap, a leading European player in our industry, the benefits of Fintech solutions will be accessible to everyone. Micro enterprises contribute significantly to value creation in Italy, but have so far been excluded from a number of banking services. Beesy offers banks a new distribution channel to fill this gap," says Paolo Zaccardi, CEO of Fabrick.

For Ramin Niroumand, CEO of FinLeap, the joint venture represents a significant step towards internationalization. "Italy is not only relevant to us as the fourth largest economy in Europe. Moreover, it is one of those countries where we can find like-minded partners and optimally develop our Fintech ecosystem." According to Niroumand, FinLeap's success story shows that cooperation in the financial sector pays off. In Italy, FinLeap will push ahead with the digitization of the financial system from Milan. In autumn 2017, the company builder opened an office there that already hosts 20 colleagues. The team is to grow to 40 by the end of the year.

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