Xylinq launches trading platform

Source: Xylinq

Xylinq Ltd has launched it's new core product: a high volume, multi-user, multi-site trading system which processes Synthetic Financial Products such as CFD and Equity Swap contracts between Buyers and Sellers.

Xylinq's client base consists of Hedge Funds, Prime Brokers and Securities Finance & Stock Loan Desks to book and manage their synthetics financing & hedge trades across global markets.

Xylinq's key benefits are:

  • Ability to both Write and Purchase Synthetic contracts.
  • Trade-capture across all markets/currencies and the calculation of relevant contract economics.
  • Client Reporting and Margin Account Management.
  • Full Reset/Rewind capability with audit history.
  • Performance optimized platform-independent technology.
  • Designed & developed by IT trading systems specialists and business professionals.

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