AttentiV Systems upgrades Portfolio product

Source: AttentiV Systems

AttentiV Systems has today announced the launch of Portfolio 9, the latest version of the market leading contract management system for organisations offering asset finance, consumer credit and debt management services.

This latest release of Portfolio introduces a range of new features to support new product types, and allows customers to achieve greater efficiencies in their business while monitoring key performance indicators.

In the face of increasingly tight business margins, AttentiV's Portfolio solution is designed to cut the cost of contract administration and maximise efficiency through the use of advanced workflow and business automation tools. Portfolio is used within a number of vertical sectors including commercial finance, consumer finance, motor finance and managed debt.

Portfolio 9 now allows businesses to offer open-ended credit arrangements as typically seen in the operation of store cards and credit cards. This new revolving credit functionality includes support for personal reserve type products, where a customer is granted an agreed credit limit and can borrow amounts up to this limit without the need for any additional authorisation.
Repayments can be made as pre-agreed monthly amounts and the customer can continue to borrow again up to this pre-agreed limit.

Following consultation with AttentIV's Portfolio user group, a number of major additional features are now available with Portfolio 9. These include:
  • Workbench enhancements – presentation and layout improvements ensure that a modern, user-friendly, consistent look and feel can be maintained throughout the Portfolio product set, both now and in future versions.
  • Statistics pack – Portfolio 9 has been enhanced, again with user input, with a comprehensive analytics package to enable organisations to report on KPI's such as the number of outbound calls made, volumes of letters sent and productivity of individuals or teams.
  • Thin Client deployment – The system can be deployed in a thin client environment, resulting in more streamlined implementation and easy ongoing maintenance, with system upgrades managed at server level rather than user level.
  • Advanced archiving solution – automatic archiving and removal of information from the Portfolio database ensures that the system continues to operate efficiently with no loss of performance due to data storage issues.

Commenting on the launch of Portfolio 9, Linda Fisher, Managing Director of AttentiV Systems said, "We continually listen to the requirements of our existing Portfolio customers and the market place generally. I believe the new functionality of Portfolio 9 will be extremely well received by all our customers."

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