ING Direct to deploy Thunderhead document manager in Australia

Source: Thunderhead

Thunderhead, the leading provider of document generation technology, today announced that ING Direct, Australia's first branchless bank, has selected the Thunderhead platform to generate customer correspondence in Australia.

The Thunderhead platform will initially be implemented to automate the generation of mortgage documentation and may later be used for other communications with customers using both print format and electronic channels. ING Direct anticipates it will achieve time to market benefits from implementing Thunderhead that will assist their continued growth in the Australian market.

An important factor in the selection of Thunderhead was its ability to enable business users, rather than IT, to generate rules based on complex personalisation logic and to maintain document templates. As a result, ING Direct will be able to consolidate the number of templates being maintained and ensure quicker, clearer, yet more personalised communications with its customers.

"Thunderhead's strategic document generation platform will assist ING Direct to rapidly deliver document generation services across the enterprise", said Anne Myers, Executive Director Information Technology at ING Direct.

The Thunderhead platform is based entirely on open standards, facilitating multi-channel support as well as ease of integration with existing applications and infrastructure.

"The XML architecture will allow us to integrate Thunderhead into our existing application suites without the need for a significant software development effort" said Anne. "This will allow our software development teams to remain focused on doing what they do best - building core customer servicing applications."

Glen Manchester, CEO of Thunderhead commented "In today's rapidly expanding mortgage sector it is a significant challenge to acquire and retain customers. Intelligently personalised customer communications offer banks valuable differentiation. As the fastest growing retail bank in Australia, ING Direct's decision to implement Thunderhead will assist them to address the complexities of high-volume multi-channel customer communications in a regulated environment."

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