ABN Amro forms partnership with Opportunity Network

Source: ABN Amro

ABN AMRO has agreed a strategic partnership with Opportunity Network, an online cross-border platform providing entrepreneurs with insight into real-life opportunities for growth, acquisitions, expansion, sale etc.

Daphne de Kluis, CEO of Commercial Banking, comments: "By teaming up with Opportunity Network, we're able to offer extra service and support to help entrepreneurs achieve their ambitions. This also facilitates the dialogue between clients and bank about future business plans, and fits in neatly with our strategy to serve our clients in the best possible and most innovative ways, both as a bank and through partnerships."
Opportunity Network

Opportunity Network is a worldwide online network platform for businesses generating upwards of EUR 2.5 million in revenues. Operating exclusively with and through a select group of banks and similar trusted partners, Opportunity Network gives CEOs and their teams real-time access to domestic and international opportunities at all stages of the business cycle, such as growth, expansion or sale. Clients visiting the platform can post their opportunities and are given the chance to close deals with connections made on the platform. ABN AMRO is the first player in the Netherlands to provide access to this exclusive network of by now over 14,000 CEOs. Brian Pallas, Opportunity Network's CEO, says: "We work closely with banks that put their clients' success centre stage, and ABN AMRO perfectly matches this profile. This partnership enables thousands of companies to get in touch with each other. We connect organisations and so help them do business, regardless of where they run their operations."

Promising companies increasingly develop products - financial or otherwise - and business models that ABN AMRO can use to support its private and corporate clients in new and innovative ways. By teaming up with these companies, ABN AMRO adds direct value to its service to clients while also being able to cooperate on developing new propositions.

Innovation and sustainable business models

When agreeing strategic partnerships, ABN AMRO primarily looks for companies focusing on innovation, digitalisation of financial products and/or services or committing to new, sustainable business models. A key criterion is that the company develop services and/or technologies that add value to clients and/or the bank's business. For more information about strategic partnerships, check out the ABN AMRO website.

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