Collis upgrades Visa card testing technology

Source: Collis

Collis announces a new version of its VSDC Test Suite which is compliant to Visa's VSDC Testplan 2.0.

The VSDC Test Suite assists application vendors and test facilities with developing and testing of the Visa Smart Debit/Credit (VSDC) application. The
tool fully meets the requirements of the new VSDC Test plan. Besides, it gives clear insight in which test cases need to be run for a specific test card. Collis' VSDC Test Suite improves the certification process of a VSDC application by more efficient testing.

Collis' VSDC Test Suite can be used for both functional and negative test procedures, which Visa described to determine if a VSDC application on the chip cards conforms to the Visa 1.4 Integrated Circuit Card Specification (VIS). With the release of the new Test plan (2.0) Visa finalised the steps that need to be taken for Testing and Approval of Visa Smart Debit Credit Applications Compliant with VIS 1.4. With the new version of the VSDC Test Suite it is also possible to test contactless cards and cards with applications that support multiple MACs. Customers from Collis who have the VSDC Test Suite and a corresponding service contract, will receive the new test suite automatically.

Dirk Jan van den Heuvel, Managing Director of Collis, says: "I'm proud that Collis is able to update the VSDC Test Suite in such a short time to the new test specifications. Card and Application vendors and Visa Test Facilities now have the opportunity to test their VSDC application more efficiently."

The new structure will certainly help Card and Application vendors and Test Facilities in the development and certification process of the VSDC application. Instead of finding the corresponding test cases for a particular card, it is now possible to run the test cases according the test card. This means that if a tester wants to test a certain card, he immediately has a clear overview of the necessary test cases for that card and the desired starting state of the card. The image gives a clear overview of the changes and new structure of the VSDC Test Suite.

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