Trading Technologies upgrades X_Trader platform

Source: Trading Technologies

Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT) announced today the launch of X_TRADER 7, the next generation of TT's market leading X_TRADER trading platform.

X_TRADER 7 is built on an entirely new API and incorporates a new messaging layer, new exchange gateways, and completely redesigned risk administration product, X_RISK 7. The X_TRADER 7 platform is visibly faster than X_TRADER 6 and provides additional exchange connections and increased functionality to further optimize trading performance.

Harris Brumfield, TT CEO, said, "Although our customers tell us X_TRADER is the most powerful trading platform available, we always strive to enhance and innovate our product. With superior performance and unmatched speed, we expect X_TRADER 7 will give our customers an even greater edge in an increasingly competitive environment. We believe X_TRADER 7 will help TT increase its leading volume share and continue to help spread futures trading around the world."

"We are very excited to bring X_TRADER 7 to market. We have completely reengineered and optimized X_TRADER from the ground up to deliver significant performance enhancements and innovative new functionality. Based on feedback from our alpha and beta customers in Chicago, London and Frankfurt, we are confident the result is a trading platform that is unrivaled in the industry," said Diane Saucier, Senior Product Manager for X_TRADER.

New to X_TRADER 7 are the following:

  • Significant speed and scalability improvements: X_TRADER 7 is visibly faster than X_TRADER 6. Price updates are more rapid, automated tools get orders into the market more quickly and overall order send time has been improved by nearly 20%. In addition, WAN router throughput has improved by 10% while remote daemons can now support 67% more connections. X_TRADER 7 also provides much faster fill downloads to improve speed and scalability for large multi-trader sites.
  • New exchange connections and asset classes: X_TRADER 7 will provide access to more exchanges and more products, including the BrokerTec cash bonds and the derivatives that trade on Sydney Futures Exchange.
  • More order types: X_TRADER 7 supports new synthetic order types, including Stop Market and Stop Limit with trigger quantities, Timed orders, Market on Open (MOO), Market if Touched (MIT), Limit if Touched (LIT), Iceberg and Growler orders.
  • MD Trader enhancements: The patented MD Trader order entry interface now incorporates the ability to configure MD Trader windows globally, faster quantity adjustments including Excel-driven default quantities, precise "laser lines" price indicators, inside market highlighting and exchange-accurate volume-at-price.
  • New Floating Order Book: The MD Trader and Market Grid windows now incorporate a new Floating Order Book to display multiple working orders at the same price level, allowing the trader to quickly change or delete individual orders at a price directly from MD Trader or Market Grid.
  • Autospreader and Autotrader additions: Autospreader gives traders more control by providing them with the ability to dynamically freeze and unfreeze their working orders, adjust their payup ticks on the fly, create ratio spreads and display their spread prices in fractions. Autotrader has added twelve additional formula columns and new contract rollover capability.
  • New Quote Board: The Quote Board allows the user to display a large amount of critical information about any number of contracts in a small space, including contract open, high, low, last traded price, volume and change on the day, bid/ask price and quantity, trader's position and P&L. Font colors instantly indicate market direction, and a Price Thermometer tracks the last traded price in relation to the day's high and low. In addition, a single click on a Quote Board contract will open a preconfigured MD Trader window or order entry ticket to allow for rapid order entry.
  • Additional Enhancements: By utilizing new Start of Day functionality provided by X_RISK 7, X_TRADER now automatically maintains overnight trader positions. In addition, the new Market Explorer allows traders to select individual contracts rather than entire products and to launch various X_TRADER components. X_TRADER 7 also incorporates new Fill Window, Order Book, Trade Book and Audit Trail functionality and enhancements, including the ability to export data to help meet compliance requirements.
  • X_RISK 7 enhancements: X_RISK 7 features a simplified user interface that combines position, fill and order information with enhanced sorting and grouping capabilities, and more configurable alerts and filters. The new Universal Login feature allows traders to access multiple exchanges through a single login. X_RISK 7 also provides administrators with the ability to send Instant Messages to individual or groups of traders, as well as the ability to publish manual Start of Day and Fill records and Settlement, Open and Close prices.

"Based on the positive feedback we have received from our beta testers, we anticipate many X_TRADER users will upgrade quickly to version 7 in order to take advantage of improved performance, added features and new exchange connections," said Saucier.

Chris Hehmeyer, Co-Chairman of Goldenberg, Hehmeyer & Co., said, "Being a longtime TT customer, we were very much looking forward to X_TRADER 7. Our beta experience has us thoroughly impressed. X_TRADER7 has proven to be faster, more intuitive and more functional, and we are ready to deploy it to our global customer base and our internal proprietary traders."

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