Visa’s Craig McClure joins The Chargeback Company

Source: The Chargeback Company

The Chargeback Company, known as Chargebacks911 in the United States, announced today that it has hired chargeback expert Craig McClure from Visa.

He joins during the rollout of Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) and will be responsible for equipping clients with the regulatory knowledge and practical skills needed to reduce chargebacks with the payment schemes.

McClure joins as Director, Relationship Management, and will manage The Chargeback Company’s extensive European merchant and banking customers. He brings over a decade of experience at issuing banks and card schemes, including Visa, Lloyds Banking Group, and Bank of Scotland (HBOS).

McClure was responsible for one of Visa’s largest accounts in Europe, most recently helping Visa customers sign-off on VCR. Working right at the source of this industry-wide change, McClure ensured that organisations were prepared for the new policies and procedures for dealing with chargebacks and payment disputes.

Monica Eaton-Cardone, CIO and co-founder of The Chargeback Company, said: “We’re very excited to have Craig join us in making chargebacks a problem of the past. He has been at the front line of chargeback reduction efforts by banks and card schemes and is the go-to guide on how to manage VCR, as well as Mastercard’s updates which will roll out later in the year. He will prove an invaluable resource for an industry undergoing a transformation in authorisation and clearing. We’re delighted to have him on board.”

Craig McClure, Director of Relationship Management at The Chargeback Company, added: “Having worked directly on a number of the chargeback changes now coming into play, I’m looking forward to guiding The Chargeback Company’s growing client base through significant payment scheme and regulatory changes. The Chargeback Company’s leadership team includes former merchants and industry heavyweights from Mastercard. I feel I’m in the perfect environment to deliver meaningful change for both merchants and issuers, eliminating the disconnect between banks and merchants that has hindered progress.

“Having seen these challenges first-hand on the issuing side, as well as at the card schemes, I’m looking forward to closing this gap and helping global clients cut their chargebacks once and for all.”

VCR aims to increase the efficiency with how chargebacks are processed. Consolidated reason codes are designed to stop confusion on why a chargeback has been filed, although merchants will have a shorter timeframe in which to respond to chargebacks. Visa also hopes to gain more insight into the causes of chargebacks by levying fees for merchants who fail to address a chargeback.

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