Standard & Poor's municipal data available on Bloomberg

Source: Standard & Poor's

Standard & Poor's, a leading provider of independent investment research, ratings, and indices, today announced that its municipal bond pricing, Municipal Benchmark Yield Curves and Standard & Poor's/Investortools Municipal Bond Total Return Index are now available in real-time on the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL(R) service.

Making this set of comprehensive data available on Bloomberg, one of the industry's most familiar and widely deployed platforms, is part of Standard & Poor's ongoing efforts to deliver its trusted and respected content to its clients -- fund managers, financial advisors, portfolio analysts, risk managers, trust officers and other financial services professionals -- in the method they prefer. Bloomberg has more than 250,000 users worldwide.

"Integrating Standard & Poor's municipal data with Bloomberg's analysis tools creates a powerful set of capabilities for our customers in the marketplace," said J.R. Rieger, Vice President, Global Evaluations of Standard & Poor's. "This relationship provides an additional channel for financial services professionals to access Standard & Poor's widely-used fixed income information."

Users can link the Standard & Poor's/Investortools Municipal Index result data to spreadsheets, Word documents and other applications through ticker symbols assigned by Bloomberg. Additionally, users can utilize Bloomberg's analytics to run additional calculations, such as viewing total return for any user-defined period of time since the index began in 1998.

Access and analysis of this information through Bloomberg allows Standard & Poor's to meet the increased demand on the part of investors and regulators for more transparent and automated bond market information.

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